TLT Leak Detections

Having 18 years’ experience and expertise within the Industry, we use thermal imaging, acoustic equipment, endoscopes and moisture mapping, as well as water testing, salts tests and if necessary, tracer gas to find the root cause of the problem which may be causing damp, mould or high water bills.

After tracing the issue, we can offer access and fix, mould remediation and drying of your property/building as necessary, using both standard and advanced drying equipment 

A domestic customer’s block paved driveway excavated once source of leak was found.  Leak was then fixed and block paving restored
A domestic customer’s internal floor having been excavated once source of leak was found, this floor was dried before reinstatement
A domestic customer’s external tarmac pathway, excavated and fixed once source of leak was found.  Resurfaced once completed

Case studies