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We guarantee to find your leak. We guarantee that we’ll find your leak, even if you can’t see it


We will find, fix and repair your water leak. Unlike others, we’ll find the leak, fix it and repair any water damaged caused by the leak.


Your happiness matters to us!. Our reputation and your happiness matter, which is why we want you to be 100% satisfied with our work.

TLT Leak Detection and Repair Service – Dunmow

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It’s as simple as 1-2-3.

Step 1

Tell us where you think the leak is coming from

It might be a patch you are getting on the ceiling or your water bill has gone up at an alarming rate. It might be the pressure in your boiler keeps dropping because there’s a leak somewhere. Just let us know.

Step 2

Free quote with no obligation to proceed

We’ll quote you for our service to find, fix and repair the leak, but there’s no obligation to proceed.

Step 3

We find the leak, guaranteed

We’ll find your leak, guaranteed. It’s as simple as that. And we can fix it for you too.

Fix Leak Dunmow

Leak Detection Dunmow

Repair Damage of Leak in Dunmow

How does it work?

We’ll find your leak guaranteed

We know from experience how a leak will create water damage to your property so understand how important it is to quickly locate and fix the leak.

Often the first indication that there is a leak is a low boiler pressure or a constant need to top up the boiler, giving very little clue as to the location of the leak. Traditionally leaks are detected using a labour-intensive process of digging up floorboards and knocking holes in walls and ceilings to find where in a pipe the leak is. This old, outdated process can make finding a leak difficult as well as causing hundreds of pounds of un-necessary additional damage.

Finding a leak is a bit like being a detective and we have a number of different tools in our armoury to help us:

Thermal Imaging:– A thermal imaging camera measures the surface temperature of a material to produce a coloured thermal picture of the area. Escaping water from leaking pipes will change the temperature in the materials that surround them. Thermal imaging cameras identify changes in temperature on the surface of different materials, highlighting the warmer and the colder surface areas helping to provide evidence of where the leak is originating from.

Acoustics Listening Equipment:– Water escaping from pipes makes sounds on different frequencies depending on the material the pipe is made from and the size of the leak. Acoustics allows us to ‘hear’ leaks. Partially good in areas where there is minimal thermal transference.

Moisture meters:– Leaking pipes create moisture and meters can be used to moisture map an area to give us a picture of where the leak is and the spread of the damage it has caused.

Tracer Gas:– In extreme cases (1%) we may use tracer gas, where gas is pumped into the pipework and a sniffer used to locate the area where gas is escaping from the pipe.

Salts Tests:– At times we need to identify where the source of water is coming from, for this we use Salts tests. A positive Chlorides results tells us it’s from a Main Water source.; positive for nitrates, tells us its rising damp coming up through the ground/soil; if both tests are negative, then its freshwater from rainfall or an in-ground spring

We’ll fix your leak in Dunmow

Once we have found the leak, be it a loose joint that might simply need tightening through to a whole pipe that need replacing, whether the problem is a shower, a toilet or a pipe, we have years of experience dealing with different types of leaks and are equipped to fix whatever the problem is and we will always quote to fix the leak before we begin work.

After the leak has been repaired, we can help you repair any damage caused by your leak. From providing specialist drying equipment to ensure the area is dried quickly through to restoring it to how it was before.The cost of repairs following water damage may be covered by your household insurance, so it is always worth checking this.

We’ll repair any damage caused by the leak in Dunmow

Once we have located and fixed the leak, we will focus on repairing any damage caused by your leak. The first step here is often drying out the area that has been damaged by the leak – we have special drying equipment to ensure this is done quickly.

Once the area has been dried, we can then set out restoring it to how it was before. Many of the jobs we do are covered by someone’s household insurance, so it is always worth checking this.

Your questions answered

When you suspect a leak, you’re bound to have a few questions about finding it and getting it fixed. Here’s a few of the questions we regularly get asked.

Yes, once we locate the leak, we’ll give you a price to repair the pipe.

Our specialist technicians can not only find and fix leaks, but we also have the latest drying machine so we can quickly and effectively dry the damaged area and then get it repaired to your specifications. You don’t need multiple contractors; we’ll do it all for you.

This is the sure sign of a leak, possibly a small, slow one that had been ongoing for some time. Unfortunately, these are the hardest to find and cause the most damage due to the length of time and amount of moisture that has escaped into the building fabric.

This is the 64-dollar question. It depends on where the suspected leak is within your property, how complex it is to find and fix and how much damage the water has been caused, But don’t worry, once we’ve quoted, your price will be fixed.

Mould growth is a sign of a leak or poor ventilation. As well as providing a report on the mould we, can treat it with commercial grade products

Condensation can be a problem that leads to unhealthy mould growth, especially in the winter months. As well as providing a report on the causes of the condensation and recommendations on how to resolve it, we can also treat any mould with commercial grade products.